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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@ @ the is @digging itself out, what kind of
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@ and around here a partially any way. @find out how the storm and @closed runway could be changing @your travelocal communities is opening @their hearts to create a welcome @ and lebron james and kung fu @panda. @ thanks so much for being @with us. @traffic back to normal @in the heart of new york city @the big blizzard of 2016 how now out as @millions try to recover from the @monster storm that slammed the @east coast. @highway crews
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@>> reporter: the sounds of @recovery as the dig out from the @blizzard begins. @blue skies and @quiet winds, ae @from the white out. @>> it's not that really heavy @wet stuff. @>> it will be days @gets back to normal. @hundreds @of thousands of people still @without power. @>> there's still a great deal of @work to be done to conduct @damage assessment and @severity. @>> new york airports open but @the two washington air airportst at all flooding @is improving. @governors still @urging people to stay off the @roads. @>> the travel ban has beenat does not mean
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@this house. @but sunshine has @led to celebration a friendly in washington, @flooding around the u oust @capital, a paralyzed east coast @is finally moving again. @hundreds of schools haveled classes on monday and @congress has cancelled votes.. @>> it could also mean a below @for us on the travel front. @it @sounds like there's anothere airport. @>> reporter: there is a little @bit of trouble. @there's a lot @less people than would normally @be here on a sunday of the cancelations and @disagreed. @we're looking at the @departures here. @you see this
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@it's the new york area.then the arrivals is the same @kind of thing. @we have a @cancelation from baltimore, @several from new york, one here @fromhe @northeast cities but here at the @airport they're telling us that @there has been about 30 @cancelations today and not as @many delays, the same kind of @numbers yesterday officials @predicting the delays will begin @to minimize tomorrow morning but @they ask to check the website or @call your airlines. @even if @you're not flying to the east @coast everyone is connected. @it @was still a pretty big @inconvenience for many. @>> we had an early evening @flight it was like a 6:00 flight @and it's been delayed until 7:40 @tonight. @>> i got a cancelation yesterday @and i rebooked and everything
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@last night got another @cancelation of the second @flight. @so the 9:00 flight @tonight is about the only flight @available. @ @-- only @affecting the flights but the @infrastructure. @one of the @runways a little bit ago today @because of a pavement failure. @it happens whenever the @temperatures change and the @pavement expands but when that @happens the pilots fly out of a @separate runway and the cruise @normally able to fix them. @>> all right. @sorry for those @audio troubles that we're having @there. @thank you so much. @we appreciate it. let's get to @stark county @where a police officer is on his @way to recovery after crashing @his cruiser are late last night @of this was just north of market @street. @investigators say he
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@he lost control of his car on a @curve. @he ran off the side of @the into a utility @pole. @he was trapped inside @before he was rescued. @he was @taken to the hospital and we @wish him a speedy recovery. @ folks in northeast ohio @aren't leaving their @neighborhoods behind. @the hope @nbc partnered with radio 1 this @weekend to collect donated @water. @they haven't reached @their goal of 50,000 bottles. @the crisis is something that @really hits home for these @church leaders. @>> i just do some mission near @work in africa and when i was @there the biggest problem was @clean drinking water and i was @making statements that it was @sad that i was in a country that @couldn't provide clean drinking
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@have that same problem. @>> the church is located at 8804 @buckeye road in cleveland. @they're collecting donations @until tuesday. @ after losing his k-9 partner @the police officer is on his way @to pick up his new crime @fighting partner. @you'll @probably remember his former @partner jethro was killed in the @line of duty weeks ago. @and if @the weather cooperates they'll @be back in cleave lend early @this week. @the shooter remains @bond. @ the best basketball player @in the world is back at it again @making the lives of i couldn't @better. @this group of 5th @graders was treated to an
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@public gets to see it. @it hopes @to spark students interest in @music and entertainment. @>> we get to see lebron @sometimes. @>> we get to see the early @premiere are and get to dance @and have fun. @>> i promise to do good in @school and keep my grades up. @>> you go. @i know you can do @it. @the idea was born out of @lebron's love of going to the @movies with his family just @another way lebron james family @foundation is seeing the @possible tonight. @ your next cup of coffee @could mean a whole lot more than @a caffeine boost. @money is is @being raised for a school in @africa. @it would benefit @children of coffee pickers and @producers.
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@is buy a cup of coffee named for @the village where a school will @be built. @ three people break out of a @maximum security jail yesterday. @they not only cut through steel @bars a half inch thick but used @another very unusual method to @get out of there. @we'll explain @all that next. @ plus terrible dc weather @creating a snowy mess and a @disstabs certificate for the @nfl. @we'll tell you when things @supposed to get back to normal. @ as that blizzard moves out @things are going to be getting a @whole lot better here. @a look @at your monday morning forecast
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@ @ a california jail break
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@movie when a real life very @dangerous situation. @three @inmates escaped friday and cut @through half inch steel bars but @they also repelled off the roof @using make is shift rope. @they @also created a disturbance @inside of the jail. @authorities @think this was a plan quite a @while in the making. @>> so based on the information @and the evidence that has been @collected so far this was @clearly a well thought out and @planned escape. @it's unknown @but it could have taken them @weeks or even months to prepare. @>> they face charges including @murder, attempted murder and @kidnaping. @ a power earthquake struck @alaska this morning. @a witness @said the quake lasted for about @30 seconds. @no reports of @damage or major injury so far.
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@because it struck dozens of @miles below the surface. @ and check this out the @blizzard that buried washington, @down the redskins training @facility. @the weight of the @snow caused the facility to @deflate. @this a is a dome @building. @no reports of @injuries but we're not sure how @many people were actually @inside. @the facility is about @30 miles northwest of dc where @they got by the way, 34 inches @of snowfall. @according to the @team the facility will be @reinflated when the snow is @removed and things get back to @normal. @ next the sunshine today @bringing warmer temperatures @with it. @how long should can he @expect the winter thaw to hang @around?
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@ @our troops. @there's a one of a @kind hiring event for veterans. @the event runs from 11 until 2, @employers and military job
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@ @ well, this is a very cool @site. @hundreds gathered this @weekend for the hot air balloon @festival. @pilots prepared the @giant balloons for take off. @spectators watched as dozens @launched into the clear, blue @sky. @this is the city's 38th @international hot air balloon @festival. @if they had been @doing it around here we would @have seen clear skies, but i @think we all know good things @not meant to last. @>> quick hits in the winter. @our weather changes very quickly @this time of year. @i think @monday still looking pretty @good. @let's take you to the @forecast. @temperatures out @there in the 30s. @actually all @the way up to 34 degrees @downtown cleveland with a south @wind. @28 over towards defer. @notice the wind chill numbers @
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@not that much lower than the @temperature make sure you grab a @jacket. @winds, this is the key @to our forecast overnight and @into the day tomorrow. @these @breezes will stay with us during @the overnight. @tomorrow morning @they'll be light at about five @to 10 miles an hour so i don't @think wind chills will be a big @certain early monday and they @only pick up during the average @at 10 to 15 miles an hour and @with continued southeasterly @direction to that wind that's @going to grab some slightly @milder air. @now, those winds @already working on the @atmosphere tonight so the @temperatures really just falling @very slowly through the mid-and @upper 20s. @29 at 7. @take a look at the setup @around the @country cold air moving away as @the east coast blizzard moves @away. @high pressure taking @shape down to our south. @we're @going to get into the western @side that have high starting
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@tomorrow. @that's where you've @get that night south west flow @and you've got to go all the way @south into texas to find the @really mild stuff. @i don't @think we'll see that but enough @of a breeze to bring some 40s @back for us monday afternoon, @monday night, and maybe even to @start tuesday before the cold @air comes back in here. @that's @going to come from this area of @low pressure now spinning @through the rockies. @it's a @pacific area of low pressure. @what does it mean, well, it's @not really tapping into the cold @air, and it's not a very strong @storm either. @with a track to @the west and northwest we'll @stay on the warmer side of the @storm for much of it. @chance of @rain showers monday night into @tuesday with maybe some snow @showers monday night into @tuesday morning. @take a look at @your forecast as we take you @through future view tonight. @9:00 mid and upper 20s to around
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@chills a couple of degrees @cooler. @monday temperatures in @the mid to upper 20s. @and @though there will be a lot of @clouds in the sky tomorrow many @of them will be high clouds. @that's enough to bring in @filtered sunshine and look at @that about 3:30 monday average @push temperatures my the low @40s. @plenty of metalling going @on tomorrow and where it will @help is the rain. @1:00, look at @these temperatures upper 30 to @say around 40. @here your @steppeded forecast starting @tuesday afternoon the @temperatures start falling as @colder air kicks back in here. @that will change the rain into @snow showers and then showers @off the lake on wednesday. @thursday a chilly one and then @we a start warming it back again @through next week into the @weekend with highs back in the @40s by saturday. @>> 40s really isn't so bad in @january. @nothing to complain @about. @>> yeah, you know the last week @of january this is going to be a
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@temperatures there either. @>> thanks so much. @after a @short break it wasn't a coaching @debut that the cavs had hoped
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@ it was absolutely a big week @for the cavaliers talking about @some big news. @>> well, i mean it started with @a loss to golden state and we @were all shocked on friday. @cavs off today as this @unbelievable weekend comes to a @close they fire david blatt, and @then last night another stinger. @things did not go well. @actually i would say they went @terrible as the bulls handed it @to the cavs and the cavs could @not hit a thing. @and we just @watched this possession right @here, missing shot after shot. @9 of 22 from the free throw @line. @you have to make the free @throws. @you have to. @golden state loss was worse but @i like @how they came out yesterday @after one coach gets fired @another gets hired. @the coach @says his team is not in shape to @play the style he wants to play.
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@we need to start you @know, doing stuff on off days, @doing stuff at practice, during @shooting rounds because he wants @to play faster than we've done @in the past try and get up and @down before the defense is set. @so you know. @>> and then get in better shape @against teams in the league. @teams in the nba. @ @that is not good. @the afc @championship game we are close @to a final but it is coming down @to the wire. @right now the @broncos lead the patriots. @ the browns have their new d @coordinator. @the 49ers @interested in jim oneil.
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@the browns @former head coach as an @assistant and was with the @eagles. @our plans for sports @tonight and we have one heck of @a show coming up. @we'll get a @preview of the super bowl. @we'll here on the browns plus @our cavs roundtable. @trust me @you do not want to miss the @show. @college hoops at the q. @let's check in. he gets @the @easy lay in and led with @18 points. @edwards here from @the outside hits the 3 he had 16 @but the penguins took over, @second half. @vikings loose 70 @to 55. @next game thursday at @8 p.m. @. @>> well getting back to 9 @cavaliers i know they also said @they need to be faster on the
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@they need to get in shape is so @they can move better. @>> are you saying they were too @slow? @>> i'm not saying that, @absolutely not . @>> they need to pick it up. @they got to get in better shape, @i guess. @>> he came right in and said @what he needed to say. @>> cracked the whip on lebron. @ thank you for joining us.
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